Zakaria&SONS Precious Metals (MALAYSIA) Sdn Bhd (1414302K)



For the past few years, Zakaria & SONS has always been driven by a simple vision: To offer unique and exclusive jewellery at honest and fair prices. Zakaria & SONS’s journey began when an enterprising young man named Mas Zaiti Irwan bin Zakaria began with trading of used gold.

Having worked his way up Irwan began to open his own jewellery shop as the third branch of jewellery shop owned by Emas Rakyat Sdn Bhd., and the range of jewellery expanded and Zakaria & SONS was quickly garnered popularity and gaining loyal customers.

As Zakaria & SONS quickly became a household name throughout Malaysia, we made a promise to continually rise above our customers’ expectations and provide them with the very best jewellery.

Present Day & Looking Forward

Kedai Emas Zakaria & SONS now is fully owned by Zakaria & Sons Precious Metals (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd, and is currently opening more shops as the business expansion continues.

We are committed to continue consistently delivering on all of our promises of exquisite jewellery to our valued customers and maintaining the integrity of our brand for the generations to come.

It brings us joy to bring happiness to our customers.